International Agriculture Innovation Conference 2023 (IAIC 2023)

International Agriculture Innovation Conference (IAIC) is an annual conference that has been running since 2016 organized by International Association for Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS). The IAIC conferences are devoted to presenting and examining various issues that are related to current problems seen in agriculture. Furthermore, we are an international platform for knowledge and techniques transformation to focus on agriculture for Innovation, Sustainability, Technology and Investment to bring together the dynamic exchange of ideas about agriculture field in the world.
The 8th IAIC 2023 will take place on 1st August, 2023. The conference will be held under the theme of “Agro-industrialization and Sustainability” and specially address the key themes on “Agriculture Development in the Face of Change”, “Controlled Environment Agriculture” and “Agriculture Innovation Systems”. We look forward to exchange of ideas and facilitation of partnerships in IAIC 2023.

Welcome to IAIC 2023

Meet IAIC 2023 Speakers

IAIC 2023 adheres to its intrinsic value orientation and brings together researchers, academics, and agricultural entrepreneurs in their respective fields to exchange agricultural technologies and propose feasible solutions to the problems of agricultural sustainability based on ecological, social, and economic integrity.


The outstanding papers presented at the IAIC conference will be recommended to our journal partner:

IAIC Proceeding (p-ISSN 2705-0769 / e-ISSN 2705-0777)

  • IJAITG (p-ISSN 2516-1962 / e-ISSN 2516-1970).
  • IJENM (p-ISSN 748-1252 / e-ISSN 1748-1260).

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline
    30th June 2023
  • Notification Date
    15th July 2023
  • Registration Deadline
    20th July 2023
  • Conference Dates
    1st August 2023