Calling Asian family businesses

Join us on an exclusive 7-day visit to discover French Family Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Institutions in French agribusiness engaged in innovation and technology.


In the pursuit of sustainable solutions for Asia’s food concerns, we turn to countries that not only ensure self-sufficiency but also excel in exporting food products. Enter Germany, Europe’s second-largest agricultural producer!

According to the Country Commercial Guides of International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, the year 2021 witnessed Germany’s remarkable standing as the third-largest global importer and exporter of consumer-oriented agricultural products—trailing only behind China and the United States. Moreover, it proudly stood out as the preeminent European market for foreign producers.

Join us on this mission trip as we delve into the invaluable lessons Germany offers in food production, security, and international agricultural trade. Together, let’s explore innovative approaches to address the pressing issues surrounding food sustainability in Asia.


The International Association for Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS), in collaboration with DLG, is excited to announce a transformative 3-day Agribusiness Mission to Germany. Our mission is to immerse participants in the dynamic agribusiness landscapes of the country, aiming to achieve the following objectives:

  • Gain insights into the distinctive features of the German agritech and agrifood landscape, exploring innovative practices and technologies that contribute to sustainability and climate resilience.
  • Visit research centres utilized by family agribusinesses in Germany, witnessing firsthand how these centres address challenges related to sustainability and climate change. Explore the technologies and solutions they offer to foster growth and resilience in the agricultural sector.
  • Discover essential business drivers and acquire valuable insights into branding, development, innovation, and succession planning for family-owned enterprises. The executive field trip provides a unique opportunity to understand and apply key strategies for the long-term success of these enterprises.