Calling Asian family businesses

Join us on an exclusive 7-day visit to discover French Family Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Institutions in French agribusiness engaged in innovation and technology.


According to the 2023 EY and University of St. Gallen Family Business Index reveals the largest family enterprises are growing faster than the global economy. The new UK Family Business Sector Report reveals that family businesses’ GVA contribution to UK GDP has increased by £100 billion since 2010 – to £519 billion – meaning family firms now generate a quarter of UK GDP.
Even during the pandemic and in its aftermath, the UK family business sector has remained a core part of the UK economy. In the mission trip to UK, we present new insights about the sector and highlight its plans for growth future.


International Association for Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS), University of Reading, and The Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health (IFNH) will be organising a 4-day Agribusiness Mission to the United Kingdom to explore and understand the agribusiness landscapes and opportunities of the country with the following objectives:

  • Understand the uniqueness of family firms, wealth management and their impact on regional economies at the forum in University of Reading;
  • Visit research centres used by family agribusinesses in UK for assistance with the challenges of sustainability and climate change. These research centres provide the firms with technologies and solutions for growth;
  • Discover key business drivers and gain insights for branding, development, innovation, and succession of family-owned enterprises during the executive field trip.